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Gallery Third Eye focuses on vibrancy, sensitivity, richness and the depth of Indian art. It highlights the creative nuances of artists with their varied styles , mediums and imagination.

It is a gallery with a difference. It portrays work of established, mid level and new artists, giving an opportunity to the artist to sell his/her work to different profiles of buyers.

In our fast paced world where life is full of stress and high on commercialism, a good piece of art can provide solace, peace and joy to the viewer. It rejuvenates the mind and body.

Art lovers and investors around the world have started to appreciate the tremendous worth that art offers and is considered one of the wisest investments in the turbulent times. A piece of art today could become a master piece tomorrow with unimaginable appreciation in value. Such is the amazing and ever growing world of art. The purpose of this website is
Jasmine Khanna -
Founder : Gallery Third Eye
to introduce the best original works of talented artists to art lovers and investors. A wide range of selection in paintings of outstanding quality, affordable prices and exceptional value.

The founder of Third Eye - Jasmine Khanna is a self taught artist. She now collects the work of other artists and gives them an opportunity to exhibit their work through this website and her art gallery. The prices are kept intentionally low to help the artists who work hard to earn their living.
We support - NAB-KB
National Association for blind established in 1977 which is a non Govt & non profit organization affiliated to NAB(I) that follows on economic rehabilitation of the visually challenged persons.

NAB provides infrastructure as well as wide range of projects & services for the general welfare education & training of the visually challenged in both urban and rural areas of Karnataka.
Gallery Third Eye By Jasmine Khanna